This is a hypothetical student packaging product for Su Filindeu pasta, also known as "The Threads of God". The logo features a sophisticated, elegant serif typeface paired with a stippled illustration of two hands. The hands are 'reaching up' towards the heavens to connect to the meaning of the "Threads of God", and also allude to the fact that the pasta is hand-made.
This packaging consists of a restrained, clean white box finished with touches of shiny gold foil. The exterior box is made from thick, textural Rives Design paper, contrasted with super smooth Curious Collection Skin for the packaging's labels and stickers. The pasta is wrapped in transparent paper patterned with the Abraini logo, which is torn and fastened with a sticker as a nod to how rustic Italian food is packaged. An included information booklet guides the reader through the brand’s story and explains what the unique Su Filindeu pasta is.
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